🏡WiFi @ Home⏰

by Ivan “molotovgod” Valencia

Version 3 (August 14, 2016)

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Update#1: added Saturday and Sunday to be on 24 hrs. I'll work on it so that it reconnects in case you walk away from home. 😊
Update#2: fixed some issues when disconnecting and reconnecting. Edit both "when WiFi connected" and pick your network. (first time using forks, let me know how it works).

⚫Play selected sounds when connected or disconnected from Wifi.
🔴 Automatically connect to WiFi at a specific time.
🔵 WiFi shuts off once you leave your home or when WiFi is no longer connected and reconnects with the set time.
⚪ No GPS needed and no battery impact.

This flow is specially useful for those with set hours. For example: I'm home by 1600, so at that time my WiFi automatically kicks on. The WiFi will remain on until I leave in the morning and shut off at 0630 or whenever I drive off, then WiFi disconnects and the flow shuts off the WiFi - - which then awaits for the selected hour.

▫Edit or disable your sounds (currently set to one beep for connect, two beeps for disconnect on a Galaxy phone)
▪Edit the trigger times (currently set to wait till 1600 and shut off at 0630)
▫Edit days (currently set to Mon-Fri).
▪(Optional) edit the time for the WiFi to shut off after its disconnected from your home (currently set to two intervals of 1 min).
▫Edit "when WiFi connected" and pick your home network.

Note that turning WiFi on or off while flow is running doesn't affect it.

If you have a suggestion, please let me know. 😊

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