$aver v3 alpha testing

by Dustin Bell

Version 1 (August 20, 2016)

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Some say "Time is money," but when it comes to cell phones, "Data is money."
Save data, money, and battery with $aver, a notification tool with easy to understand info, simple buttons, and automatic actions.


Congratulations on downloading $aver!
You are already further on your way to becoming a data-bender than ever before.

To understand $aver, you first must understand yourself. Bow to your sensei!
This just means that $aver needs your input and guidance in order to provide the best service and savings to you.

In the future, $aver actions will hopefully be automated based around prediction models and learned behavior - but I have to teach myself how to code these things first.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to leave a comment.


When started, $aver creates its own notification - this is where all the action takes place.

First, $aver will search for the cell tower you're connected to (requires location permission on Android 5.0 and above).
$aver displays the current signal strength of this cell tower as a negative number in decibels, meaning that the closer you are to 0, the stronger the signal.

Next, $aver displays the amount of data you've used over the past 5 minutes, past hour, and past 24 hours.

Finally, $aver gives you three actions in its notification.

Button 1: $avings

Choose between three $avings levels to deliver varying levels of speed and data $avings.

1. $peed: Enables LTE to deliver the fastest service at the cost of battery and money.
Great for things like mobile hotspot, video conferencing, YouTube, and data phone calls like WhatsApp, Skype, etc. Overkill for anything else.

2. $aver: Disables 4G/LTE, uses 2G/3G.
Stable and fast enough for things like email with push notifications, instant messaging, web browsing on sites without too many images, and games that require a light data connection.

3. $loth: Disables 3G, only uses 2G.
This will provide the most battery and data $avings if all you need is calling and texting.
Can't browse most websites or play games. Email/instant messaging push notifications work but won't be delivered instantly.

Follow your best judgement and don't be afraid to $peed while you $ave!

Button 2: Refresh

Refreshes the notification to provide updated info about your cell connection and data consumption.

Button 3: Automatic Actions

1. Auto Airplane
$aver checks your cell signal every 5 minutes and notices when your phone loses cell signal. After a timed delay that you define, $aver will automatically enable airplane mode for you.

(I haven't invented a clever way for $aver to notice when you're back in cell range yet, suggestions appreciated!)

2. Wi-Fi/Cell Data
$aver automatically switches off cell data when connected to a stable, working Wi-Fi connection. Make sure to disable Battery Optimization on Automate to ensure this feature works!