Email Only Location Flare

by Morgen Peschke

Version 2 (August 24, 2016)

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Based on Mark Newton's flow:

Send the location of your phone through from a Gmail account when the phone has a low battery.

- Choose between 3-90% battery before sending location.
- Send to yourself, a contact, or an arbitrary email address.

This flow has a subset of the functionality of Mark Newton's original flow. It's been optimized for a phone which tends to run out of battery unpleasantly quickly after it drops below 10%.

Reverse geo-coding was a nifty feature, which was removed to minimize the time between getting a location fix and sending out the SOS email.

New features have been added to ease configuration, primarily around managing a configuration file so the various options no longer need to be inputted as often.

Version 2: simplified the calling conventions.