Missed emergency calls

by Johnny Spangler

Version 2 (September 6, 2016)

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This Fiber will vibrate your phone continually if you have missed 3 calls in a row within 30 second of each other.

I made this flow because I wanted my wife to be able to get ahold of me if she is in an emergency and I am at work or school

This is great for when your phone is silent but someone needs your attention NOW! Just have them call you three times in a row and it will get your attention.

The constant vibration will get your attention without making a huge spectacle if you are in a sensitive situation.

For those big emergencies, a text will be sent to the last number you missed with instructions to respond to the text if they need your phone to set off an audio alarm. (You may want to edit this message and add your name)

Perfect for pregnancy watch, earthquake response, and even finding your phone if it is lost.

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