Auto Screen On/Off [Pocket or Flip Cover]

by David Heckmann

Version 3 (September 13, 2016)

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This flow turns the phone's screen on and off with the Proximity sensor.
In case the screen turned off on its own or by you, it can be turned on with a wave over the sensor.

NEVER start both starting points because the flow won't work.
You can start the "On/Off" start point to make a notification which can turn the flow on and off.
If you don't want another annoying notification then use the "Lock" start point which is as same as "On/Off" without the notification.

It only turns the screen on and of when:
- The phone's orientation is portrait (to avoid turning off accidents while playing in landscape)
- The phone's state is Idle (to avoid unexpected behaviour with built in call features)

I recommend to use it without any lock screen, beacuse it's easy to accidently wave your fingers over the sensor and that is really annoying with a lock screen.

It works perfectly with a flip cover, but for some reason some proximity sensores give false feedback when the distance between the sensor and the cover is completely zero.
I can't help it, but sticking a little piece of paper on the flip cover (on the part which covers the sensor) can solve the problem.

- Lower battery usage
- Fixed screen randomly turning on after turning off

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