⚛ JARVIS (Premium)

by Enoch Ou

Version 8 (November 22, 2016)

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Update: I've included error catches for the weather and gmailunread. Thanks to all your comments; keep them coming so that we can perfect this flow.

This flow was modelled after JARVIS from Iron Man. When this flow is triggered in the morning (e.g. by an alarm), she will provide the time, weather, and some basic notification info. Then she'll open some apps if vocal confirmation is received.

Example: "Good morning. It's 7am. The weather in Toronto is 17 degrees with scattered clouds. Today's forecast calls for a high of 20 and a low of 11, with approximately 3mm of rain. You have 2 unread emails and no messages. Also, 6 applications were updated overnight. And your calendar indicates that you have 2 events scheduled for today. Would you like to view them?"..."As you wish. Here's today's agenda. Would you also like me to open your morning apps?"..."Will do. Standby... We're online and ready. Have a good day."

Download the IVONA Text-to-Speech app and download the free "Amy" voice. Then select IVONA when prompted after the flow starts. I use IVONA because it sounds more natural than google's voice and there's a smaller delay between when the speech block is triggered and when it actually starts speaking.

1. To provide vocal confirmation, you can say any of the following: yes, ya, yup, yep, sure, do it, go for it, ok
2. You can select what triggers JARVIS in the morning: Alarm or Day's First Unlock. If you choose alarm as the trigger and you have downloaded my "Math Alarm" flow, you can select Math Alarm as a secondary trigger option.

1. Now using API weather information from openweathermap.org. Added a forecast.
2. Added feature to pick calendar application and up to 2 accounts, used to count the number of events for the day.
3. Added feature to pick email application.

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