⏰ Math Alarm (Speak)

by Enoch Ou

Version 1 (September 14, 2016)

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Do you snooze your alarm when you're still half-asleep? With Math Alarm, you will be asked randomly-generated math questions and an annoying ring (of your choice) will sound until you answer correctly. But if you can do simple math while you're still half-asleep, try selecting the "Hard" difficulty setting.

-8 x 7 + 15
-5 - 3 x 8
Remainder of 76 / 9

1. Do not assume BEDMAS rules for the question that you hear. i.e -5 - 3 x 8 = -64
2. If you plug in headphones, you won't be able to hear the Google Voice "beep" that prompts you to say the answer. So I recommend that your headphones stay unplugged.
3. You can select the math difficulty and how many seconds you need to think before an answer is required.
4. By default, the sound you choose will play for 3 seconds if you are incorrect, and then a new question will be generated. You can change this to any length by editing the block, located at the bottom of the flow.

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