⛅ Accurate Weather Using API

by Enoch Ou

Version 1 (September 14, 2016)

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Using the openweathermap API, you can retrieve a bunch of weather information. Here in this flow, I only outputted three pieces of information: city, temperature, and weather description. Available data includes:
-weather description and icon
-temperature, pressure, humidity, high/low
-wind speed, direction
-rainfall, snowfall
-sunrise, sunset
-city name

In the HTTP request block, I have provided my API key to my account on their website. I ask that you go to their website and sign up to get your own API key (for free) because each key is limited to 60 requests per minute. So if a lot of people in this community started using my key, we could easily hit limit.

I have set the units to be metric. If you want to change it to imperial, you would do it in the HTTP request block.

For more information about the data structure, go to www.openweathermap.org/current

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