📖 AndBible Backup (Google Drive)

by Matt Zabojnik

Version 3 (November 11, 2016)

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Running this flow will back up and restore your AndBible bookmarks and notes to the folder you choose on Google drive. I use this to sync across multiple devices, one of them being my chromebook flip.

Folder on Google Drive is selectable upon initial setup.

For example, if you want your backups to go to a folder named AndBible, just type "AndBible" without the quotes, when prompted. If the AndBible folder is inside another folder called backups, it should look like this, but without the quotes: "backups/AndBible"
That will select your Google drive remote folder to save to/from.

For questions email mattzab@gmail.com


Change log:
161110- Fixed restore issue from Google drive. All should be working smoothly on all devices now. (Android phone, tablet, and ChromeBook Flip)
160919- Fixed Google Drive folder creation issue.

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