1.1 Auto bright-proximity sensor!(Version1.1)[VM]

by Vivek

Version 2 (December 7, 2017)

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No ambient light sensor to automatically increase brightness outdoors?

Here's the solution! You will just need to have proximity sensor.

This flow is an update 1.1 to my base flow "Auto bright with proximity sensor!".

****Please first test this functionality with the base flow. Once it works, you can stop the base flow and start using this flow. Please refer to the base flow on how to use this and to know how it works. ****

In this update, the brightness increases is enabled only from 7am to 7pm (you may change it) as it is only required during day time. This saves battery after day time.

PLEASE NOTE: This flow works once the day time is reached after starting the flow. So even if you start the flow today (after 7am) you will have to wait till 7am tomorrow to see it's effect. So test with the base flow and later use this for long term.

You can continue to use the base flow if this doesn't work as you want.

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