📶 Smart Connection Control

by Matt Zabojnik

Version 3 (May 3, 2017)

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Auto learning location of WiFi networks, disables data when on WiFi, sets airplane mode when in bad reception. Checks cell signal quality every 3 minutes, and records location data every 3 minutes for WiFi hotspots.

1. Root (only for mobile data enable/disable features, other features will work without root)
2. Automate Pro (number of blocks)

+When you connect to WiFi, this will disable mobile data until off WiFi, and will learn your location based on cell towers to automatically switch from mobile data to WiFi when in this area. When you leave that area it will disable WiFi. It will add to it's database every 3 minutes when on WiFi.

+ When cell signal drops below 20% for longer than 90 seconds and after 3 signal quality checks, it will turn on airplane mode and search for signal every 10 minutes until it's restored. (If WiFi is on when airplane mode enables, it will turn WiFi back on automatically)
A signal quality check is performed every 3 minutes.

I have tested this flow on my Nexus 6 and have not seen any battery issues from the constant 3 minute check cycle.
In addition, airplane mode when cell signal is weak and mobile data off when WiFi connection is on helps improve battery.

Some features are based on an Automate flow I downloaded and modified called
Self learning wifi control[cell towers]

This is very useful to Project Fi users who want to make sure they are always connected to WiFi when it's available to minimize data usage bills.

Email mattzab@gmail.com with any questions.

V. 2 - Added call state check before going into airplane mode to prevent dropped calls.

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