Ios 10 wakeup UPDATED 10/20/2016

by Filip Arambasic

Version 8 (October 20, 2016)

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This gives you the same functionality of ios 10 lift wake up feature. You need to download the secure settings plugin in order for this to work.

After your devices screen turning off it will make sure your devices accelerstion is 0 and orientation is either face up or face down and turn the screen on after you pick up your device, just like ios 10.

09/24 Update:
Battery saver stops flow from working properly when phone is under 15% in order to save battery life

10/20 Update:
Battery optimized
Specific time slot so it wont work when you sleep

Added ability to set time slot so it doesnt turn your phone on when sleeping

Designed to minimize battery loss and work efficiently.

When a device checks its orientation this wastes a lot more battery than when checking acceleration. I have made this to work so that when acceleration is 0 the device quickly checks for orientation to be flat if it isn't then it returns to the beginning of the program and waits for the screen to be turned on. This minimizes battery lose because it doesnt need to constantly check for orientation and it doesnt make the phone turn on in your hand constantly when the screen is off and your hand is still.

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