WiFi on Home

by Jacob Beyer

Version 4 (October 18, 2016)

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Setup WiFi to turn on when you are at home. Before first run, edit the flow to chose your cell towers that are seen at your home location. Then click the WiFi block and choose the network to connect too.

V. 4 Added in logging notes to help with first time setup. This way you can see in the log the stage or block that might be stopping it. Also it feeds into developing future ideas for the flow as I see what additions I want to make.

V. 3 Reworked to not freeze/stop at the network connect block. Continues to check, every fifteen minutes (you can set the delay), if you are back in the range of the cells.

V. 2 Moved some items around, found out it was getting stuck at a location when deciding if the network was connected.