• Intelli Timeout [PREMIUM]

by Crimson Smear

Version 24 (May 28, 2017)

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• Screen Timeout Manager
• Proximity Wake *UPDATED*
• Stay Awake
• Pocket Off
• Unplug Alert
• Flow Toggle
• Update Checker *UPDATED*

Screen Timeout Manager
Sets screen timeout based on connection to a power source or battery level, if unplugged.

Proximity Wake
Wakes the phone when a hand is waved over the proximity sensor (ignored if upside-down or screen on).
*Activate/Deactivate during start*

Stay Awake
Keeps screen awake while in use.
Allows normal timeout when faceup/facedown and reverse portrait/landscape.
Respects Power Save & Low Battery (15%).

Pocket Off
Automatically turns screen off, if placed in pocket upside-down.

Unplug Alert
Plays a tone when charging reaches 100%, if a ringtone is selected.
5-minute auto cancel Configure Notification.
Sets volume level based on Ringer Mode & Do Not Disturb.

Flow Toggle
Allows for easy ON/OFF control from a single shortcut.

Update Checker
Automated check for newer version of flow.
Notification allows to view (with following decision to import/run) or postpone (with increasing delay for subsequent selection).

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