Memento SMS Logger

by Fran T

Version 1 (December 29, 2016)

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Logs incoming and outgoing SMS messages using the Memento database Tasker plug-in. SMS message log records are added to a Memento library named "SMS Log" containing the following fields, in order:

Date (a Date field which defaults to the current date)
Time (a Time field which defaults to the current time)
Direction (a single-choice list field containing the items "Received from" and "Sent to"; I recommend coloring them red and green; a Status field)
Contact Name (a single-line text field; Status)
Phone (a Phone field; Status)
Message (a text field; Description)

Set Date and Time to be Name fields for ease of grouping and sorting, and set the library's entry color to Direction if you previously set colors on those list items. When viewing the library, you may also find it useful to sort it on the Date, Time, and Contact Name fields (respectively), and group by Date.

To pass the Automate variables through the Tasker plug-in, be sure to prefix them with the % character. (Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to edit the Tasker definition in the Automate Plug-in Action block at this time, so you can't examine its contents after creating it.)

Also see:

...and the 'SMS Log' template by tonfr01 under the "Contacts and People" section in the Memento Catalog templates.