• Intelli SMS [PREMIUM]

by Crimson Smear

Version 40 (October 19, 2017)

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• Driving AutoReply Manager *UPDATED*
• Automatic Spam Control
• Blacklist Manager
• Location Request Manager (Whitelisted)
• Location Send
• Phone Finder
• Flow Toggle
• Update Checker

**Compatible with Google Voice's Receive text messages - Via the messaging app**

Driving AutoReply Manager
Automatically enters (and exits) Driving Mode, replying to any SMS received (excluding shortcodes & blacklist) with a message of your choosing.
•App Trigger immediately enters Driving Mode (not required).
•Prompts when entering Driving Mode, allowing you to cancel, in the case that you are a passenger or not in a car.
•Connected Bluetooth Prompt Bypass skips prompt (2 available slots).
•Ongoing Configure Notification displays the AutoReply status, (including manual ON/OFF toggle of AutoReply).
*AutoReply will auto cancel after 5 minutes, if message list is not populated*

Automatic Spam Control
All automated SMS actions limited to once every 2.5 minutes per sender phone number (excluding Phone Finder commands, until located and alarm is stopped by notification).

Blacklist Manager
Will not perform any action when SMS requester's contact name/phone number in list, if populated.

*5-minute auto cancel Configure Notification for Blacklist/Whitelist*

Location Request Manager (Whitelisted)
Automatically replies to any SMS received (excluding shortcodes & blacklist) containing send location with your current location.
If Whitelist is populated, will only respond to SMS from contact name(s)/phone number(s) in list.

Location Send
(Google Maps/OpenStreetMap)
Automatically sends your current location to any SMS receiver (excluding shortcodes) that you have sent sending location.

Phone Finder
Activates alarm tone and/or flashes camera LED when SMS received (excluding shortcodes & blacklist) contains one of the following commands:
find phone - sets volume level based on Ringer Mode & Do Not Disturb
find loud - sets volume level to maximum
find quiet - sets volume level to minimum
find flash - only flashes camera LED (no audio)
stop find - stops any running find command
Find mode can be changed any time, prior to stopping alarm.
*Tap/Dismiss notification to stop alarm*

Flow Toggle
Allows for easy ON/OFF control from a single shortcut.

Update Checker
Automated check for newer version of flow.
Notification allows to view (with following decision to import/run) or postpone (with increasing delay for subsequent selection).

* All updates are backward compatible with prior versions of this flow and eliminate unnecessary config files. *

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