Flow Backup - Daily, On Change and Instantly

by Kenyo Wu

Version 1 (October 24, 2016)

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*** Automate Premium Required ***

Backup your flows automatically everyday and on change, as well as instantly on demand to your local storage and Google Drive.

It can also backup itself on the first run when you've made minor customizations to it, if on change backup is selected.

Backup Options
- Instantly to Local Storage
- Instantly to Google Drive
- On Change to Local Storage
- On Change to Google Drive
- Daily to Local Storage
- Daily to Google Drive

It asks you to specify the backup path on your local storage and/or the backup account and folder on your Google Drive according to your selected backup options. It also asks you to specify the time if daily backup is selected.

Instant backup is performed immediately. Then it goes to standby and monitors the criteria for on change and daily backups where applicable.

## FAQ ##

Failed to backup to external SD card?
Please make sure External Storage Access is granted under Automate settings. If error still occurs, uninstall and reinstall Automate's STORAGE permission.