📱Customizable Auto Screen Brightness

by Robbin van Hoek

Version 1 (October 27, 2016)

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Single customizable logaritmic formula version. When the screen turns on/off the flow adjusts the screen brightness automatically according to the amount of ambient light.

This version calculates the brighness using a single, easily customizable formula.
To customize the equation, change the parameters in the first three blocks:

MinBright: minimum brightness
MaxBright: brightness at max ambient light*
Gain: change transition**

* Maximum ambient light is 30.000lux.
Default MaxBright : 40%. Set to a higher value if you prefer a bright Screen!
** Higher Gain means brightness will change faster for low lighting. Lower Gain means more light needed for change, but more severe changes at higher lighting cases. Default Gain: 0.1, normal range: [0.1, 3.0]
***Note that the default settings result in an overal fairly dark screen. If you prefer a brighter screen it is best to start with finding a suitable MaxBright setting during daytime or high lighting situations. And afterwards finetuning with the Gain parameter.

The formula is based on a logarithmic scale of the light intensity, and is defined as:

Brightness = MinBright + gain * log10(lux) ^ power

power is calcutated by solving:

MaxBright = MinBright + gain * log10(3e5) ^ power

Block count: 21

Based on: "📱Auto Screen Brightness - Formula Version", by Pete Glass.

Created by Robbin van Hoek

Please give me feedback regarding the functionality or ask any questions you may have!

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