Bing Wallpapers V2.1

by ma yiwei

Version 5 (November 1, 2016)

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Welcome to Bing Live Wallpaper! This flow can change your wallpaper automatically, and the images are taken directly from Bing!

* Dynamic Wallpaper from Bing
* Customize interval time(minutes)
* Customize your search name
* Customize your search count per request(default 20)
* Set minimum width and height
* To allow portrait or landscape only
Please follow the steps below before running the flow:

* In order to retrieve images from Bing, you need a key from Bing, you can get your FREE key from Microsoft website:
* You only need to register the Bing Search API(includes videos, images etc.)

*After getting your key, edit the following blocks and replace the following variables with your value:
1) key(need to be quoted in "")
2) search_name(need to be quoted in "")
2) count(recommend not less than 20)
3) portrait(0 for landscape)
4) interval(in minutes)
5) min_width&min_height

Author: FeoniX

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