Bluetooth Car Connect 🚘🔊

by Paulo Borda

Version 6 (December 10, 2016)

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Current Version 2.0

This flow will help with the connection Bluetooth in the car.
When in the moving vehicle, it will directly connect with the car Bluetooth (that must be paired before). If the Bluetooth of the cellphone is off, it will enable it and connect it. If after some time, it lose the connection (like leaving the car or turn off the car), this flow will disable the Bluetooth, and turn on again if back again in a moving vehicle.
When connected with the car, it will to open Spotify and play your musics in shuffle mode.

Change Log:
1.0 - Changed all the flow chart to become more responsive to identify the connection with the car, add automatically open Spotify

1.1 - Added a function that when Spotify is opened, it will play randomly your musics

2.0 - Changed all the flow to avoid continuously repeat it self without necessity

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