Drive Mode 2.0

by Nathan Ward (One-Point Oh)

Version 1 (November 13, 2016)

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This flow allows for detection of intention to drive and conveniently activate a pair of complimentary, useful driving apps.
Flow, when active, checks for connection to a specified Bluetooth connection (presumably your vehicle's Bluetooth) and then checks if device ID plugged into a charger. Once both of these conditions as true, the flow will launch the "Drivemode" app and then Waze (each must also be installed).
The Drivemode app allows for quick, safe access to music and contacts from a slim pull drawer on the side of the screen, allowing the navigation app to remain visible.
Waze is Google's premium GPS navigation app which allows a community of drivers to share various road conditions, traffic, police activity, road closures and more, in real time.
I recommend using these apps with your device in a sun visor clip, which gives you a safe, interactive HUD-style navigation/media center experience, which does not require you to take your complete attention off the road.