Smart SMS (beta)

by Adem Ünver

Version 4 (December 1, 2016)

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Control/find your phone and possible thefts from everywhere. Send yourself a SMS with a command and let it do whatever you want it to do.

#Added 5 new commands
#Description to be found below

•send "pic" to take a picture with the back camera and save it to your gallery "picf" to use the front camera

•send "vid" to record a 30 second video and save it to your gallery or "vidf" to use the front camera

•send "wifion" or "wifioff" to toggle WiFi on or off

•send "findemyphone" and it'll set your volume to 100%, ring with your set ringtone and send an SMS with a link to Google maps with the location of your phone, to the number you sent the command SMS from

•send "findetheft" to sent the phone you're sending from a Google maps link with your location, and it'll take a front camera picture and send it to you via Email (YOU HAVE TO CONFIGURE THE EMAIL PROPERTIES)

•send "mdataon" or "mdataoff" to toggle mobile data

•send "bton" or "btoff" to toggle Bluetooth connection

•send "stopflow" to stop the flow

Build: 0.2.5a.161201_beta

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