📶 Smart Wi-fi Control 2

by Diego Alfaro

Version 1 (December 1, 2016)

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"This flow is in loop. Each time Wi-fi status changes, it checks Wi-fi connection and changes mobile data accordingly. It also checks Internet connection for smarter decisions. And if in roaming, it turns mobile data off.

If Wi-fi is connected it deactivates 4g, 2g only mode. And turns off mobile data.

If Wi-fi is not connected it turns mobile data back on, and activates 4g.

And always checking your Internet connection. So if your device is connected to a Wi-fi network, but Internet is not working, it changes back to mobile data. But only if you are not in roaming.

This is in loop. But don't be scared, hear me out. The flow only starts if Wi-fi status changes. Meaning that there are only 2 events that can make the flow to start:
- When your device connects to a Wi-fi network.
- When your device disconnects from a Wi-fi network.

So unless your device starts connecting and disconnecting to Wi-fi networks like a maniac, this loop will never drain or fry your battery. In fact it might improve your battery performance.

Since version 2.1, I added📱 Smart Un/Lock Network Control to this flow.
This means, only if Wi-fi is not connected:
- If device is locked, mobile network set to 2g only.
- If device is unlocked, mobile network set to 2g/3g/4g.

I hope you like it.


× Current version (2016-11-27): v2.1

× Changelog:
v1.0 Check Wi-fi status and change mobile network accordingly.
v1.1 Check mobile network before changing it.
v1.2 Internet connection check.
v2.0 Roaming check and mobile data control added.
v2.1 📱 Smart Un/Lock Network Control added.

× To do list:
-Nothing that I can think of, but recommendations are always welcome.

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