⛔Smart Data Connection Manager📶🔁🆓

by John Paul Praxides

Version 4 (December 6, 2016)

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Intelligently manages your connection to use wifi or mobile data thus saving mobile data consumption and ultimately save you money on your phone bills. 💰

1. When screen is off mobile data will be disabled

2. When screen is on and at home; will enable wifi and auto sync of accounts

3. When screen is on and away from home; will enable data but will disable auto sync of accounts

4. When phone is off; offcourse it does nothing... Hahaha😏

To make this work for you, you have to edit the cell sites in the "Is near cell" block of this script... I think your old enough to know how to this so I won't bother going into the details.😋

Your welcome by the way... FREELOADER... Hahaha😄

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