🎹🔃Fast Keyboard Switcher 1.3 (no root)

by Valentin B. (Krizzli)

Version 5 (January 25, 2017)

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New in 1.3
- Tunable sensitivity (delay block 77)

New in 1.2
- less useless fibers, more efficient

New in 1.1:
- more responsive
- bugs fixed.

When soft keyboard is open, wave your hand close to the proximity sensor to choose another input method/keyboard.

Useful if you often switch between input methods, e.g. the 1password keyboard or voice input.

Detecting if the keyboard is open works by monitoring if there is a notification from the "Android System" process. If you have more than just the "select keyboard" notification triggering the sensor loop (i.e. the Android System process has more than one notification), you can refine the filter by setting the notification title (localized) in the 3 notification blocks of this Flow. The "keyboard visible" block doesn't work for me, maybe because it's supposed to be for a physical keyboard.

Accessibility service is required to open the "input method change" menu.

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