[Advance & Best] 'Insert Headphones' Options!

by Saket Savarn

Version 4 (September 28, 2017)

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Version 4.0 -
~ Reduced the size of the flow drastically! (From 37 blocks to 19!)
~ Now this flow can be used by NON-PREMIUM users too!
~ Made the flow faster, more efficient, neat and sorted out.
~ Easier to personalise than before!
~ If it does not work in nougat and upper versions, then it's Automate app failure not the flow's.
~ Apps requires a bit of personalisation before running on first try, but it's for your own ease!
~ Does not work for Bluetooth/wireless headphones/earphones!
~ Complete beginners may not be able to use it :/
FEATURES (After personalisation!) -
~ On inserting headphones/earphones a dialog box appears that shows list of (at most) 5 personalised apps you want to choose from on inserting Headphones.
~ After choosing the desired app from the list, that app opens. This saves time as you can choose from various music apps on inserting Headphones without the hassle of doing so manually!
~ On choosing 'Cancel' the flow initiates to beginning and waits for headphone insertion again but does not stop. To stop flow you have to go to the Automate app and do so manually :3
~ Removing headphones stops music by default.
~ Does not consume unnecessary battery life by always been on standby.
~ In block '70', write the app names to open (upto 5 apps) on choosing... in the music array/list. There is example of ["Artist Union", "Musixmatch", "Play Music", "Soundcloud", "YouTube"], just replace these words under inverted commas " " in the list!
~ Now move your attention to the blocks 81,82,83,84,85 (they are in the same line). Now if you have chosen... Say 3 apps, then remove the 'NO' connection of block '83' (which says 'music[0]=2') from block '84'. (since only 3 apps are used). Similarly if 4 apps chosen , go to block '84' and remove the 'NO' connection of '84' from block '85' (this disconnects block '85' since it's not needed. For 5 apps let the setting remain the same as already set.
~ Last but not the least go to blocks 73,74,75,76,77 (in the same line) and in each 'start app' block go to 'select package' option inside the block settings and surf and find the app to start in the same order as set in the list in block '70' accordingly. If you have selected only 3 apps then select apps only to block '75' in same order as your list!
~ Now just start the flow and insert headphones after starting the flow and you are good to go! :3
P.S : Suggested to keep 'Play music' as third option and it's app start (block '75') as it is (plays music on shuffle as soon as selected by default)! :D
CONTACT - meetsaketsavarn@gmail.com

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