Rock, Paper, Scissors v1.5.2 [NO]

by Nadir

Version 3 (January 3, 2018)

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🔍 Description
• Have a friendly game of rock, paper, scissors with a bot.

💡 What's new?
• Fixed the bug that made the flow crash.
• Removed alot of unnecessary 'fork' blocks from the flow.
• CPU has a better choice system.
• CPU will prevent spamming of a 'player' choice!
• CPU is smarter.
• Made the flow easier to look at with the 'Goto' & 'Label' blocks.

Change log:
12/13/2016: Made some improvements.
💹 Stats
🔒 Future updates? Yes
🔄 Total Blocks used: 86
🎯 Premium users only? Yes
• But doesn't stop you from looking at the flow's structure.

👤 Dev
"Been so lazy to update this flow but I've finally done so and fixed all the bugs!"
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