🔔 Whatsapp Call Settings v2.0 [NO]

by Nadir

Version 2 (January 3, 2018)

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📄 Description
• Ever been annoyed when you are on an ongoing Whatsapp call and you get called regularly which places your Whatsapp call on hold? Say goodbye to that with this flow.

• This flow checks if you are being called and if you are on a Whatsapp call. If this is true then it prevents the whatsapp call from getting placed on hold by hanging up the other call.

• After the Whatsapp call, you will be notified that someone called you during your Whatsapp call and will be asked if you would like to call back.

💡 Instructions
• Just enable the flow and keep doing whatever you're doing. The flow does not stop until stopped!

📄 Note
• On some phones, the flow does not work while your Whatsapp call interface is minimized.

12/15/2016: The caller's number will be processed and searched for in your contact list. If the number is associated with a contact, you see the caller's name instead else if it isn't identified, you see the caller's phone number.

♨ Premium users only? No
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