MusicSleep Timer

by Brandon Gohr

Version 7 (June 11, 2018)

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MusicSleep Timer is the new and efficient way of stopping music, while your sleeping, or when you want to turn off the sound of your device during a meeting. It is purely up to you!

- Added Bluetooth support!
--Now turns off Bluetooth if it's on, if a device is connected to it, it will either turn off Bluetooth automatically or if your screen is on, it will ask what Bluetooth device you want to disconnect from.

Update Log:
- Added new variables for future update
- Deleted future update block (from Update 1.1)
-Added NEW time selection you can now select the time of day you want your volume to be changed! (Instead of the duration of the time) (Removed from V.0.1)

Final update plan -
We understand that MusicSleep Timer is clunky and hard to work with, both in the flowchart and when it's in action. So we are working on our last changes to make it more smooth and less clunky.

Next Project:
WorkPhone (based on the MusicSleep Timer flowchart, you will be able to only receive calls from people you choose, and ignore the ones you don't from the time you start it, to the time you set. Great for future plans to go to the movies, work, dinner. Anywhere! Expect it very soon!)

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