🛡SENTINEL Mobile Security Suite

by Sodam Yat

Version 32 (April 8, 2017)

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🛡SENTINEL Mobile Security Suite is a fully customizable security solution for your mobile device. This incredibly powerful flow flexes tremendous capabilities without compromising security by requiring a rooted device.

▪Activate GPS location before running this flow.
▪Configuration was made to be quick and easy.
▪Gmail application is required.

📩Send an SMS with S3NTIN3L to your device running this flow and the device will be switched to full volume, and the alert activated.
☎Call your device running this flow, let it ring for precisely 10 seconds (anywhere between 9 & 11 seconds), then hang up. Your device will be switched to volume, and the alert activated.
🔐Detect unsuccessful attempts to access your device (after 3 attempts), take a picture of the perpetrator, store it, as well as email it to the address that you configure.
📲Send an SMS with C4LLB4CK to have your device call you back, L0C4TI0N to probe for the location of your device, E4V3SDR0P to record 5 minutes of audio in the vicinity of your device, EY3SPY to utilize both cameras for pictures, and S1TR3P for a detailed situation report! The alerts will be sent to an email address you configure.

🔸Always keep your device locked.
🔸Verify every flow from the internet prior to execution -- including this one (Sorry for the mess 😉).


📳Alert forces device to vibrate, flash the light, go to maximum volume, blare an alarm, take two pictures, record 5 minutes of audio, and send location through reverse geolocation via your Gmail address to an email address of your choosing! (NOTE: Requires GPS to be active, also requires the sender email account to be associated to the device)
🗣Mobile device warns individuals nearby that you're actively searching for your device immediately preceding the alert.
FaF algorithm(Flow and Forget), activate this flow and it will be ready for when you need it.
📞Alternate phone call trigger for the alert, for those using encrypted SMS technology.
👤Intruder snapshot, after 3 incorrect attempts to gain access to device a picture is taken, and stored for later notification.
📵Deterrent (via Google's Text-to-Speech Engine) announces attempting to access your device is futile, because you're protected by 🛡SENTINEL!

▪Credit to Abraham Murciano Benzadon for the phone call trigger, his flow is available here ➡ http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/4445
▪Credit to Lionfar Teewo, aka HubSpace, for the recording trigger. His flow is available here ➡ http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/3931
▪Suggested Alarm: http://www.zedge.net/r/615001/?src=a
▪No root required.

NOTE: This flow exceeds 30 blocks, but 🚨 RED ALERT - Emergency Phone Recovery is available here ➡ http://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/5359

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