☀️ Wake up Spotify 🎵 - Morning loop on BT device

by Luca Hermes Chiarato

Version 13 (December 19, 2016)

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v2.5 - 19th December 2016
-Stability improvements
-Fixed bugs

When you awake your smartphone during the 3 hours window (from 8am), the flow greets you with an italian "Good morning" and opens the last Spotify playlist you have been listening to on the BT device that has been previously connected.

1) Shortcut;
2) Personal BT device
If you have a device that you use for a specific playlist, this flow will recognise it and play the specific playlist:
-Change block "102" with your BT device name and address
-Change block "106" for the playlist (change "playlist url" in the originally configured block)

If you don't want this feature, feel free to delete the blocks' tree from block "102" or simply don't modify anything and Spotify will play your last playlist.

If you stop the music or disconnect the device, the flow close Spotify, disable BT and goes silent till next morning, ready to start again.

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