by vivek yadav

Version 1 (December 18, 2016)

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Porting my vtimer app functionality to automate. This flow monitors kids time on tablet. At start up it checks if 1 hour has been used today, if yes, it shuts the tablet down.

It also logs the time and upload to their drive account to which I have access. It also sends a cloud message to parents account. My flow titled "remote trigger server" is updated to receive this message, post a notification with the timestamp, and set an alarm 1 hour after the start up time.

Bottom line, any time kids use the tablet, I will have a notification on my phone for when they started. If they turn the flow off, my notification would be missing.

I use llama to trigger the main flow at startup, but you could add a start up flow and trigger it from there.

Questions, help or suggestions, please ask.