▶Find-it | Non-premium

by Kylian Eury

Version 2 (October 21, 2017)

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Getting bored? With this flow, you can play a simple game which goal is to find numbers between 0 and 9

▶Infinite replayability
You can play again and again, it will never be the same, why? Because you CAN choose the amount of numbers to find and the maximum fails before lose

▶True random
Using the random() function, you can be sure that outcomes are truely random

▶Made for non-premium users
Like all my flows, you DON'T need to be premium to use this flow

v2 - Fixed a major bug that added a non-wanted 0 to find; Flow is now much easier to look at

- Total blocks: 23
- Total fibers: 1
- Version: 2.0

📌Note: I recommend adding 5 maximum fails per number to find if you want some challenge, otherwise add 7 fails per number

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