Headphone Plugged

by Subhajeet Sahu

Version 1 (December 25, 2016)

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A simple flow that can detect your wired headphone/headset when it is plugged into the device. The flow then displays an on-screen window offering the choice to open either the android YouTube app or the native music app.

The music app activity in the provided flow is for the stock android music app. If your device has a different music app or if you use an independent music app downloaded from the 'Google Play Store' or if the default music app on your device/your preferred music app is 'Google Play Music', this is how you can change the settings inside the flow:

1. Go to the 'Flowchart' window (accessible by tapping the downloaded flow, then tapping the pencil icon on top and then tapping 'Flowchart').
2. Find the last block on the vertical flow which is numbered 4 and tap on it.
3. On the 'App start' window, tap on 'Pick activity...' .
4. From the list, find the music app you want to set and tap on it.
5. From the drop-down list, find and select the main/home activity and tap on it.
**For the 'Google Play Music' app, select 'Google Play Music' from list and then find 'com.google.android.music.ui.HomeActivity' (without the ' )
6. Then tap on the 'Done' button at the top.

If for some reason you have difficulty spotting the activity for 'Google Play Music' app, try this method:

1. Find the 'fx' against 'PACKAGE' in the 'App start' window and tap it.
2. Copy/paste this after the = sign;

"com.google.android.music" (along with the " )

3. Find the 'fx' against 'ACTIVITY CLASS' in the 'App start' window and tap it.
4. Copy/paste this after the = sign;

"com.google.android.music.ui.HomeActivity" (along with the " ).


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