Reachability {ROOT}

by C III

Version 4 (May 22, 2017)

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Really simple yet useful flow,
That shrinks your screen size to give you something similar to the iPhone 6s's reachability mode.

This flow includes a simple activation as well as a reset fiber, a fiber that works via Quicksettings, and one to activate it via a notification.

If Automate is set as your assist app, you can also trigger Reachability that way.

Reachability can now be triggered through motion gesture blocks, please edit blocks 20 & 23.

This flow works well with SmartBar on some custom ROMs.

This Flow should work without Premium, but requires root.

Tip: If your home screen looks cluttered in reachability mode (e.g. with Trebuchet) I recommend using Nova Launcher with hidden status bar.

v. 1: Initial release
v. 2: Added assist app trigger
v. 3: Added motion gesture trigger