Intruder detector

by Ethan Berry

Version 4 (January 17, 2017)

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This is my take on the stock flow, it now will also enable and disable wi-fi to fetch the location and, once the device is unlocked it will show you the location and the photo of the intruder, if you are not connected to wifi it will wait until you are and will then give you the location, after 6 tries it will send a sms to a contact of your choice, if it is connected to wi-fi it will send it's location too.

I apologize for the messy code, this is my first upload and it is still a work-in-progress. It does not have any fancy self update features, I will try to add them soon. You will need premium for this flow, and to you will only need to enter the devices name and the phone number to send the emergency text to and your good to go. (Replace: Phone. With your name or the device name.) Easier/better code, dialogue and updating are on the way!


IF YOU DO NOT...I am not responsible for anything that happenens to your device. The reason behind this is that my "beta code" as you could call it is not put together well and as a couple of if statements that loop back into themselves, creating a terrifyingly large log file that is a literal ram vacuum, very, VERY fast. ( I have had system ui not responding 5/5 times with logging on.)
ALSO, DO NOT turn on "start flows at startup" for the same reasons as above.

As I said, better code coming soon!

Right then,

V 1.1 Aesthetic changes so that you coders (/?) modders out there can understand my code better, it's still spaghetti though, not much I can do about that.

V 1.2 Self updating code! Yay!

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