Night mode v3.6

by Quinten Libert

Version 16 (September 13, 2017)

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The flow is made according to the RAF(Run And Forget) concept. The only thing you have to do is activate run on startup. This flow keeps your eyes healty. In the night this flow changes the phones brightness to 0 and 8 hours later it changes it to 25. It also sets in the night the ringer mode to vibrate. And you can easily stop Night mode by pressing the disable button in the notification.
V 1.1=Added log message and toast show.
V2.0=Added vibrate mode.
V2.1= Fixed a bug.
V3.0=Added a notification with a button to easily stop Night mode. The next day Night mode will start as always!
V3.2=Found a big bug and fixed it.
V3.3=Fixed a little bug.
V3.4=Fixed a bug.
V3.5=Fixed a bug.
V3.6=Fixed a bug.