Data-o-Meter deluxe

by Simon Gutgesell

Version 3 (March 15, 2017)

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If you don't have Android 6 or later or a rooted phone, please change the connection from block 7 to block 33 (instead of 35). Then you can delete the other side of blocks.

Updates (V1.1):
-The script is now easier to start
-The script has a warning for when you've used all your data for the month
-The script now work for users with the free version of Automate

When you start the script the first time you have to type in your total amount of mobile data, the program will then store it as a Atomic Variable.

This script will calculate how much mobile data you can use every day, if you exceed the calculated limit you will get a warning in your notification bar.

You will get a notification 6 am every morning about the limit, except the first time when it comes at once (this might struggle on Android 6.0, maybe cause of doze mode)

Please comment if you discover any bugs or have suggestions for changes or new features

Thank you!