Saavn songs download and play in any music player

by Rahul Jain

Version 1 (January 4, 2017)

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Using this automation, you can download the songs from Saavn app and play them in any media player or store and play them in PC.

How to use:

1) You need Saavn Pro app, you can find cracked apk easily.
2) Now, Download the songs for offline in the Saavn app.
3) Now Go offline in Saavn app, create a queue of offline songs you want to download on device and play this queue.

Note: Only offline songs can be downloaded.

4) Now run this automation, and input the number of songs in queue when asked.
5) Wait for some minutes, your songs are being downloaded in "My Saavn Downloads" folder in your storage.

Extra tips and features:

- You can change the destination folder by editing the next block to beginning.
- If two songs have same name, the other one will be named by adding a "*" after the name.
- One song is saved within average of 10 seconds.
- Music playing stops automatically once all songs in queue are downloaded.

P.S. :
#Comment for the additional features you want.
#Rate this automation please.🙂🙂

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