Ring Lost Phone | v3

by James Klein

Version 3 (January 26, 2017)

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When you text the keyword to your phone (default "unmute"), the ringer is unmuted, set to max, and a tone is played for 10 seconds. Perfect for times when you forget where you put your phone, but it's on silent.

Could be modified to check that the text is from a trusted sender, but changing the passphrase is easier. e.g. Change it to "rumpelstiltskin" and no one but you will know about it.

NB: The tone is intentionally harsh to get attention, but it is of course possible to just ring the phone or even leave that up to the other phone.

Version 2: Reverts ringer options back after tone is played.
Version 3: Rolled back version 2 for more user flexibility. Added a delay after the text is received to allow the tone to play even if the device is not on silent.

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