• Intelli Phone [PREMIUM]

by r'gmr sd

Version 1 (January 11, 2017)

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• Call Reject Manager
• Mic Manager
• Auto Speakerphone
• After-Call Notification
• Flow Toggle
• Update Checker

Call Reject Manager
Will reject any calls from contact name(s)/phone number(s) in list, if populated.
Pre-populated with "Wrong Number" contact name upon first run.

*5-minute auto cancel Configure Notification for Call Reject/Active Mic*

Mic Manager
Call-priority / App-specific microphone enabler.
Sets mute on start then activates microphone during call or when a defined app is in foreground.

Auto Speakerphone
Disables speaker on start then enables speakerphone during call, when away from face.
Checks Do Not Disturb & Ringer Mode, also for connected Handsfree Bluetooth or Wired Headset.

After-Call Notification
45-second notification that allows the addition of recent contact name/phone number to Call Reject list.

Flow Toggle
Allows for easy ON/OFF control from a single shortcut.
Correctly actives the mic (default) prior to stopping the flow.

Update Checker
Automated check for newer version of flow.
Notification allows to view (with following decision to import/run) or postpone (with increasing delay for subsequent selection).

*Description is copied to the clipboard upon import/run for pasting into the updated flow*

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