📱AVA - Personal Assistant (R-CJ28)

by Sodam Yat

Version 28 (April 5, 2017)

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📱AVA(Aurora Voice Algorithm) is a virtual assistant designed to jumpstart your day.

This limited artificial intelligence, or AI, prompts you for the variables it requires on initial launch, and gives the option to reset them on restart.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Please, rate and provide feedback where appropriate.

REQUIRED: Gmail must be installed, and associated to the email account monitored.

NOTE: Due to request, in the R-CJ release you're prompted on the device's screen for your answers. If you wish to speak to AVA, please download the R-XO release.

This flow is constantly being tweaked, tested, updated, and perfected. Please, be patient.

R-CJ28 Changelog
▪AVA notifies you of text messages.
▪Beginnings of a personality matrix added.
▪AVA silences your phone when you're at the office, and unsilences when you leave.
▪Major bugfix. Previously dismissing the commute prompt deactivated a portion of the flow.



📋AVA introduces herself on first run. She then remembers you, and your preferences (unless you're fiddling with the flow or graciously dealing with the constant updates).
🕛AVA will give you the current date and time.
🗓AVA will list the events of the day.
📰AVA will provide you with the top four news headlines of the day.
🌦AVA will inform you of the current weather (temperature, snow, rain, freezing rain).
🌬AVA will warn you of high winds.
📩AVA will notify you of the number of unread emails in your inbox.
📨AVA will notify you when you receive a text message, unless you're at work.
🔕AVA silences your phone when you're at work, and turns the ringer on when you leave.
💡Flash notification activates when your phone is silent while at work.
AVA was designed as a FaF algorithm (Flow and Forget). Activate her, configure her, and you will not have to again unless your preferences change.
🚘AVA calculates and informs you of your work and home commute.
🔋AVA calculates battery life and warns you if you should bring a charger.
🚩AVA displays a persistent notification. Allowing AVA to be enabled on demand.
🌞AVA activates on the first unlock of the day (after 6:00am), if option is configured.

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