🚘 Driving Mode - Motion Based Version

by Pete Glass

Version 18 (February 8, 2024)

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When car movement is detected the flow will disable phone mute, will speak incoming caller's contact info and will read incoming texts. When car movement stops being detected the flow will mute your phone and disable the speaking features. Install and enable necessary permissions. If needed, adjust the "minimum confidence" values in the two "personal activity" objects if the flow is not proceeding or pausing properly around your activities. Flow can be used with a widget if desired. Custom icons for automate widgets are available at www.iconspedia.com assuming you are using an automate flow beginnings shortcut style widget and have a custom android launcher like GoLauncher or an app like Icon Changer from the app store that allows you to change shortcut icons.

* * * Created by Pete Glass * * *

*Speaking part of the flow modified from one of Mark Newton's uploads*

Voice commands to "answer"/"pick-up" call, "ignore"/"reject"/"decline" call, "hang up" call, or "text" caller after a call is received, or to "ignore" text, "reply" to text, or "call" sender after a text is received are available but disabled by default and are largely untested--if you would like voice commands enabled, manually change the vcommands variables in the flow from 0 to 1 before running (the variable needs changed in 2 places).

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