SMS Controller

by amanda hebeler

Version 1 (January 26, 2017)

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An in-depth phone SMS controller/locator.

All commands are initiated with a forward slash (/). Capitalization is optional.

/Music (Full/Half/Off)
/Notification (Full/Half/Off)
/Alarm (Full/Half/Off)
/Ringer (Full/Half/Off)
/WiFi (On/Off)
/Hotspot (On/Off)
/Bluetooth (On/Off)
/Flashlight (On/Off)
/Music (Play/Pause/Stop)
/Speakerphone (On/Off)
/DoNotDisturb (Off/Priority/Silence/Alarms)
/Brightness (Dim/Half/Full/Auto)
/Call (Answer/End)
/Call [phone number to call]
/App [app package to open]

Root commands
/Data (On/Off)
/Powersave (On/Off)
/NFC (On/Off)
/BackgroundData (On/Off)
/App Kill [app package to kill]

This flow requires the use of the Automate premium version.

# Version 2
  - Fixed some miscellaneous bugs