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App usage

An action block that gets usage statistics for an app, or all apps, within an interval.

The fiber will proceed immediately without pause.

This block gets the app usage statistics as recorded and stored by Android. The usage statistics is aggregated into days, weeks, months, and years. The minimum timestamp and maximum timestamp are used to determine the best fitting interval.

Note! This feature require an Android 6+ device.

Input arguments

  • Minimum timestampunix timestamp of the earliest usage statistics to get, default is first recorded usage.
  • Maximum timestampunix timestamp of the latest usage statistics to get, default is current time.
  • Package — package name of the app to get usage statistics for, default is for all apps.

Output variables

  • Usage duration — variable to assign the total duration the app spent in the foreground.
  • Last used — variable to assign the last time the app, or an app was used, as a unix timestamp.
Note! This documentation can also be found in the Help & feedback menu of the app.