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Assist request

An action block that awaits a user assist request.

The fiber will pause until assistance has been requested.

Assistance is usually requested by long clicking on, or swiping up from, the “home” button in the navigation bar.

Note! On Android 6+ the context package and activity class may only be available if the Assist app is allowed to Use text from screen.

Input arguments

  • Title — title to display when choosing a target flow, default is the Flow beginning title.
  • Visibility — whether to show this choice on lock screen, default is Private.

Output variables

  • Context package — variable to assign the package name of the app where the request was made (Android 4.3+).
  • Context activity class — variable to assign the class name of the app activity where request was made (Android 6+).
Note! This documentation is also accessible within the app from Help & feedback menu.