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Audio player control

An action block that controls an audio player.

The fiber will proceed immediately without pause.

The command will be sent to the audio player using the method.

If package and/or receiver class is set, a specific player will be targeted for the command. The Transport controls method don’t issue commands through broadcast so the Pick receiver button is irrelevant, and the receiver class is ignored.

If an audio player doesn’t respond to a command, try leaving the receiver class empty, or another method. The Rewind, Fast forward and Seek to commands are not supported by the Broadcast method, Seek to is only supported by Transport controls.

Input arguments

  • Command — command to send to the audio player, default is Play/Pause.
  • Seek position — position to seek to, only used for the Seek to command, default to beginning of clip.
  • Method — method to use when sending commands, default is Broadcast.
  • Package — package name of the audio player to control, default is any.
  • Receiver class — class name of the audio player to control, ignored for the Transport controls method.
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