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Content offer

An action block that offers content to other apps.

The fiber will pause until an app request the content on offer, usually by an “attach” button/menu, then choosing Automate flow as source.

The OK path should include a Content offer result block to complete the request, otherwise the request isn’t canceled until the fiber stops or the user does so manually.

Set a content MIME type input argument to limit the type of content offered by this fiber, the specific type requested is assigned to the content MIME type output variable.

Input arguments

  • Title — title to display when choosing a target flow, default is the Flow beginning title.
  • Content MIME typeMIME type of the content on offer, default is any content.

Output variables

  • Content MIME type — variable to assign the MIME type specifically requested by the other app.
Note! This documentation is also accessible within the app from Help & feedback menu.