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Content query

An action block that queries content provided by another app, such as contacts or calendar events.

The fiber will pause until the content has been retrieved.

Input arguments

  • Content URIURI of content to query.
  • Columns — a comma separated list or array of columns to include in the result, default is all.
  • Where clause — an SQL WHERE clause for matching a sub-selection of the content identified by Content URI, default is all content.
  • Parameters — an array of values to replace any ? within the Where clause.
  • Order by — the sort order of the result, default is no order.
  • Offset — the offset of the first row to include in the result, default 0.
  • Limit — the maximum number of rows in the result, default is 500 (the maximum limit).
  • Result type — data type of each row array element assigned to Rows, default is Rows as arrays.

Output variables

  • Rows — variable to assign an array of rows where each element is, depending on Result type, either an array with column values or a dictionary with column names as keys and the value thereof.
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