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FTP make directory

An action block that creates a directory on an FTP server.

The fiber will pause until the directory has been created.

Parent directories will also be created if absent.

Input arguments

  • Host or IP address — hostname or IP address of FTP server.
  • Port — remote port, default is 21 or 990 for FTPS.
  • Log in account — name of generic credentials account used for log in, default is anonymous.
  • Control encodingcharset used when sending commands, default is UTF-8.
  • Connection security — whether to use a secure TLS/SSL connection (FTPS).
  • Certificate — whether to trust insecure, self-signed, certificates, ignored unless FTPS.
  • Data channel protection — data channel protection level (PROT), ignored unless FTPS, default is Clear.
  • Remote path — remote path to create, path is normalized.
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